Airfix 1:72 Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3/T.4


Airfix 1:72 Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3/T.4

Airfix 1:72 Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3/T.4

The Jet Provost is a British jet-powered trainer aircraft developed by Hunting Percival, serving primarily as a training platform for new pilots in the Royal Air Force (RAF).

The Jet Provost T.3 and T.4 variants are notable improvements within the Jet Provost series, each designed to enhance pilot training capabilities during the 1960s and 1970s.

Jet Provost T.3
Introduced in 1959, the Jet Provost T.3 was a significant upgrade from earlier versions, featuring a more powerful engine, the Armstrong Siddeley Viper 102, and a redesigned airframe.

It was equipped with improved avionics and an ejection seat, which greatly enhanced safety and training effectiveness.

The T.3 variant provided basic and advanced jet training, bridging the gap between piston-engine trainers and frontline jet fighters.

It became the standard RAF jet trainer for over a decade, known for its reliability, ease of maintenance, and docile handling characteristics, which made it ideal for pilot instruction.

Jet Provost T.4
The Jet Provost T.4, introduced in 1961, further advanced the design by incorporating the more powerful Armstrong Siddeley Viper 200 engine.

This variant featured improvements in cockpit instrumentation and training aids, allowing for better simulation of modern jet fighter systems.

The T.4 provided enhanced performance and more realistic training conditions, making it an effective platform for preparing pilots for transition to supersonic fighters.

Key Specifications:

Role: Trainer Aircraft
Manufacturer: Hunting Percival Aircraft
First Flight (T.3): June 22, 1958
First Flight (T.4): November 15, 1960
Crew: 2 (Instructor and Student)
Length: 10.77 meters (35 ft 4 in)
Wingspan: 10.77 meters (35 ft 4 in)
Max Speed:T.3: 708 km/h (440 mph)
T.4: 724 km/h (450 mph)
Range:T.3: 1,127 km (700 miles)
T.4: 1,287 km (800 miles)
Powerplant: Armstrong Siddeley Viper turbojet engine
Notable Features: Tandem seating, bubble canopy, ejection seats, and tricycle landing gear.

The Jet Provost T.3 and T.4 played crucial roles in the training programs of the RAF and other air forces, leaving a lasting legacy in pilot training by providing an effective and reliable platform for introducing new pilots to the world of jet aviation.

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