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Southend Hospital Neptune Ward Charity Wishlist Christmas 2021
After Speaking the the play team at Southend Hospital, they've come back with a list of items the children at the Neptune Ward would love. All your toy donations are very much appreciated :)
NHS Southend Hospital Neptune Ward Charity Wishlist Easter 2021
We have been talking to the play team at Neptune Ward, Southend Hospital this week and they would like you all to know that if you would like to buy them some toys to help them along, they would really appreciate it. These are all products that they'd find really useful up for play or gifte to children and siblings.
Lego Star Wars 75299 Trouble on Tatooine
Lego Star Wars 75299 Trouble on Tatooine Spoiler warning! The following review contains spoilers for The Mandolorian series 1 & 2, you have been warned! Overview: Let me just say from the get go this set, in my opinion, is brilliant! It’s contents look like they have been plucked straight from the episode they aired in with an interesting build and fantastic minifigures this is a must have for Lego and Star Wars fans of all ages. The builds: The main focus off this set is the speeder bike for our heroes to ride across the dune seas of Tatooine or your bedroom floor, whichever you prefer. If you compare it to it’s on screen counterpart the designers have managed to capture the light and nimble frame whilst retaining a solid build structure that’s good for playing and high speeds. It uses a variety of build techniques to replicate the various engine parts and components that make up the machine. It comes with two clips to attach blasters too and a baby carrier piece on the rear to play a smaller rider in to make driving a little easier. The secondary build of this set is the Tusken raider harpoon launcher, used to take down large prey with cables, this particular version does not fire cables unfortunately but to replicate the effect the makeshift catapult is built with a launcher piece and includes two silver missile pieces, new for 2021, to stand in for the cables. Built to stand on three somewhat stubby legs, which are a little bit shorter than they should be a clear brick is included to aid with stability and to stop it from falling over through play. The final build of the set is the tusken hut. In the episode this makeshift building was used by the tusken raiders to host/hire the Mandolorian. Surprisingly this has a lot of floor space with plenty of room to fit all the sets minifigures. For me this biggest appeal of this was the SNOT, Studs Not On Top, technique used to construct the roof and the walls of this hut. Aside from this, it is the weakest part of an otherwise great set. The minifigures: This set comes with two figures and a baby, the first of which is a tusken raider. We have had many of these in the past and it is no different from the ones we have had in sets from the past few years so I don’t really have anything to say on this one. The second and best figure is that of the Mandolorian. This is one of the most detailed Star Wars figures we have ever had. The Mandolorian is clad in his shiny beskar iron armour. It looks gorgeous on this figure, the biggest surprise is that Lego have printed not only his wrist worn weaponry and his shoulder pauldrons but on his right shoulder the designers have printed the signet of the mudhorn one of the defining features of the Mandolorians armour. In my personal opinion this is one of my favourite minifigures and I don’t just mean in Star Wars. The last ‘minifigure’, if you can class it as one, is the child/ baby yoda/ Grogu. Using the baby body and a new rubber head mould they have created a Lego incarnation of the cutest being this side of the galaxy. Baby yoda has appeared in two other sets both of which are rather expensive so to get it in this cheaper set alongside a shiny new Mandolorian is just brilliant. Final thoughts: In conclusion this set for the price is a definite must have for all Lego and Star Wars fans, the minifigures are great with two interesting and one so so build. The new Mandolorian and baby yoda are a welcome addition to any collection.
Lego Minions The Rise of Gru 75549 Unstoppable Bike Chase Review
This set is based upon the vehicle driven by the franchises titular character Gru, this has been seen in the most recent trailer for the currently delayed film but thankfully they released the sets first so we can get our hands on the minions and recreate their fantastic antics on their quest for world domination.
Lego Ideas Rumours or Fact...
Lego news.... is it true or scandalous rumours
Neptune Ward Round Three
A message from Neptune Ward....
Wow!! Thank you much! New List
Here's an updated Wish List from the Neptune Ward
Storytelling with Stamps
Melissa & Doug Blog inspired Storytelling ideas for little ones.
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