Pixie Crew Backpack - Circle Pop Pink

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Pixie Crew Backpack - Circle Pop Pink

Pixie Crew Backpack - Circle Pop Pink

Kid´s Pixie Crew Backpack with silicone panel for your creations. 

The padded straps can be easily adjusted to fit any child. Inside there is a small compartment where you can put pencils and other equipment. 

This backpack includes padded support at the back to improve comfort. The main section of the bag can be filled with toys, lunchboxes or anything you like.

Along with the backpack you also get 55 pixels, 10 alphabet pixels, 4 multi-pixels and an mini design gallery for inspiration. Have a 'new' backpack everyday, change the designs as many times as you want. You can remove and stick on PIXIES whenever you want. Why not try out designs on the PIXIECREW EDITOR at www.pixiecreweditor.com.

Many other pixies available to add to your collection to make infinite designs!

29.99 £19.99

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