Gibsons Snoozing On The Ted 1000 piece puzzle G6281


Gibsons Snoozing On The Ted 1000 piece puzzle G6281

Gibsons Snoozing On The Ted 1000 piece puzzle G6281

1000 piece Jigsaw Puzzle


Snoozing on the Ted by Steve Read

Four little kittens found their way into the toy cabinet. There is so much in here to capture their interest, including a dolly, a robot, enticing kite strings or a bright spinning top. And which mouse to choose from- a still wooden one or a lively real one? But the biggest attraction of all is a big soft-bellied Ted, which is oh-so-comfy for snoozing on!

Same great puzzles, kinder to the environment. This jigsaw puzzle is planet-friendly. Not only does the box have a fresh new look, but we’ve used biodegradable clear labels to secure the lid instead of shrink wrap to reduce our plastic waste. There is a HUV coating on the box for extra protection, to ensure your puzzle doesn’t get damaged and the pieces are stored in a plastic bag that can be recycled by some councils.

Because the box is slightly smaller than our previous designs, we need less room to transport our products which reduces our carbon footprint and means you can store your puzzles more easily. We have also popped an artwork poster inside for you to reference whilst you piece together your lovely jigsaw puzzle.

The puzzle has standard-sized and regular-shaped pieces.

Product Details

Made By: Gibsons Games

Size: The puzzle measures 68cm x 49cm when complete.

Condition: The puzzle is brand new and sealed.


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