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Big Potato Games Zillionaires on Mars game

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Big Potato Games Zillionaires on Mars game

Big Potato Games Zillionaires on Mars game

The year is 2160 and wouldn’t you know it, the Red Planet is now the number one place to live in the solar system. We’re talking hovering condos, zero-gravity golf courses and 9-mile-high volcanoes with hot tubs. Your job is to travel to Mars and outbid your rivals in order to buy up the best pieces of property on the map. The first player to claim four properties in a row, wins. You’ll each start with 49 Zillion Martian dollars (and can earn more on payday), but watch out. Money can quickly evaporate in the thin Martian air if you get involved in a bidding war – so bid smart.

Zillionaires On Mars combines the four-in-a-row competition of Connect 4 with the property auctions of fellow family classic Monopoly.

A remake of The Game of 49, first released in 2014, Zillionaires On Mars follows the basic premise of Connect 4: the first person to claim four spots in a row wins. Here, each space on the game’s board represents a different real-estate lot on Mars in the year 2160.

Making things a little more complicated than the traditional disc-dropping kids’ game, however, is the addition of property auctions similar to those in Monopoly that also expand the two-player game to support up to five people during roughly half-hour sessions.

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