Bandai Crash Bandicoot 6.5" Articulated Collector Figure Deluxe Edition HE21521

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Bandai Crash Bandicoot 6.5

Bandai Crash Bandicoot 6.5" Articulated Collector Figure Deluxe Edition HE21521

  • DELUXE EDITION | The Deluxe Edition Crash Bandicoot figure from Bandai is a high quality gaming statue inspired by the popular games. With its 16 points of articulation and interchangeable accessories you can have endless fun with these action figures for boys, girls, and fans of all ages.
  • CRASH BANDICOOT | Crash Bandicoot is the titular figure from the well loved gaming series from the 90's to the present. Crash is an escaped experiment of the evil Dr. Neo Cortex who returns to free his friends and family and foil the Doctor's schemes time and again.
  • AUTHENTIC FIGURINE | This Crash Bandicoot figurine stands at 16.5 cm tall and has 16 points of articulation to let you pose Crash and replay your favourite moments from the games. With its impressive height, it will stand out in any collection of Crash Bandicoot merch or gaming toys.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE ACCESSORIES | These fantastic gaming figures also come with swappable accessories. Each Crash Bandicoot model comes with an additional mouth and a different pair of hands. Personalise your Crash Bandicoot figure until it is exactly the way you want it.
  • GAMING COLLECTABLES | These video game statues come in Crash Bandicoot themed packaging with a clear front, making them the perfect Crash Bandicoot gifts for the gaming collector. In addition, Bandai also produces other Crash Bandicoot toys like their 11cm figures and adorable plush toys.

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