Aquaplay Superset

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Aquaplay Superset

Aquaplay Superset

This Aquaplay Superset includes a new figure of Wilma the Hippo, a crane that assists you to lift containers onto the transport boat, a slipway allowing the amphibian car to go from land to water and the popular water lock. The vehicles can pass through by manoeuvring the water level with help of the pump and lock gates. Take the vehicles out for a journey in the canals by turning the paddle wheel and thereby set the water into motion, a playful way of educating how the water moves!

The SuperSet can easily be combined with other AquaPlay extensions or sets to make one massive Aquaplay water park set.

The Aquaplay Superset is 105x115cm when assembled and has 41 pieces including 1 Transport boat w. 2 containers, 1 amphibientruck and 1 Hippo Wilma figure.

Waterway with pump and lock gates. Includes 41 parts. Includes boat, 2 containers, 1 amphibientruck and 1 Hippo figure.

Can interconnect with other Aquaplay playsets.

EAN: 7313400015202

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